Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Getting back on track

Every time I have tried writing my experiences, major changes in life happen and writing becomes history.
So 2015 was one of those years where I had major drastic changes in my life and I have currently bounced back to a body I had 10 yr back.
No excuses, but these changes in my life left me with no time to exercise, or cook and my motivation was 0 because these changes have been hard and one of the biggest challenge was to embrace them. Habits that I had cultivated from a decade just vanished for few months and here I am, beginning my journey all over again.

O Well, I thought writing down my journey again from beginning would be cool, and writing would force me to commit to better choices. After moving twice this yr, we are finally in our home and while unpacking, i realized how much i neglected myself all these months. I reintroduced white carbs and sugar back in my body past few months and overate almost every time. So on 26 oct I decided to get back on track.Its Day 9 today and I am on track. What am I doing ?

I am in all praises for Whole 30 which seems to be in thing these days. I usually do a whole 30 when I want to refocus my eating habits.
I remember first time I did it, it was pretty painful to be grain free and dairy free. Even though its 30 days, i remember 25 of those was a real torture but i managed to push myself and by day 30 I felt really good, totally worth the struggle.

I am avoiding writing about whole 30 here since there is a ton of information on the web about it. I am on Day 9 currently of whole 30. I noticed this time it was not a torture to give up white carbs and slipped into it just as if I had never quit. I have no cravings, I am cooking with enthusiasm even though I am tired like crazy. Trying new recipes is one of my hobbies, and I have found some good recipe's which I would stick to on regular basis.

Since its fall, its season for soups and stews:

You will find the recipe to the curried cream of broccoli soup here :

I also tried substituting Cauliflower instead, which was equally good.

I will try to write here, how I feel while on whole 30, new recipes that I try and like and overall experience getting back to healthier me.