Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Being ready to change yourself for better .....

Weightloss is a very hot topic, especialy in todays age where we are glued to our chair for 8+ hours daily. Sure everyone wishes to have a perfect body (definition of "perfect" is personal), but there is a huge difference in just wishing magic would happen one day and really being ready for the change, Rolling up sleeves and saying “I am ready to work on it”.

When someone says “I Wish”, I question it in my mind, “Then why don’t you?”… (Just in my mind because not all are ready to work for it.Dont want to be rude because people can be really sensitive and probably they are not even ready for the chaneg yet, which is perfectly fine. It is a personal choice after all).I now get surprised with people comming with so many excuses to not doing it rather than finding 1 good reason to do it. Why are we so lazy (thats what I feel)?

Below are a few common chats I have been into with family, friends and in general people who I know. Into parenthesis is what I think then.
  • “I got a tub of ice-cream from Costco for my kids; they won’t eat it so I have to finish it now”. (Ahhhhh…No you don’t….is it worth eating that much of ice-cream loaded with sugar n cream to save 10-15$? Rather why get it home if you cant keep your hands off it? Go out and enjoy a scoop instead)
  • I went for a party and my friend made this desert, she forced me to eat it. (Really? You can be forced to eat? You can’t say No? Or you can’t eat just a little to keep the friend happy? You had to eat the whole bowl? )
  • I made this Pizza for my kids; only 1 slice was remaining, so I finished it. (Nothing wrong with eating a slice of Pizza, but eating it to finish it…that’s what I call wrong choice. Especially when it tops your dinner.)
  • I have been working long hours. (Sure- I respect that. We all do at times. But can’t we prioritize our health and spare 30 min out of 24 hours, 4 times a week, is that too hard? It could be hard, but have you tried harder? May be you can squeeze in that time if you want.)

And the excuse list can go on.

I just feel like mentioning here that starting to have a good life style and better eating habits is not an exam or race that you need to top. It’s an experience that you want to have purely by choice because you seek better quality of life. Be responsible for your choices instead of blaming it on friends and kids and everything around you, but you. Only you and you choose to eat what you do, so why not be responsible for it. Accept that you need to change because you made poor choices and not how circumstances forced you to make poor choices for the length of the time you did. After all that is why you feel the need to change, dont you?Sometimes sure you need to adjust, but when sometimes becomes every time, that is when you need to catch yourself and say, “Not this time”.

Is it that important to you to give in each time you crave something? Can’t you give up some time and say “No” because I have a goal?

Do you think before you eat, or do you just eat because you smell it or its in front of you?

Most importantly, Is it worth it?

I have lost pounds and inches numerous times, probably more than 100 pounds till now and the reason for it to be multiple times is that I had poor lifestyle and it was extremely challenging to get on a better regime without failing. I have failed and learned from it and tried again and failed again, but every time I failed, I was nearer to my goal. Isn’t life all about failing and learning anyways? This summer I am completing 21 yrs. of my constant battle against obesity and I sure have come a long way. I have found friends online for encouragement, I have invested in training with trainers, in buying good food, Spend hours in researching and trying out what suits me, how can it be easier so I can stick to it forever and more. It was well worth it because now I feel much more better about myself, I am energetic and positive than before. Eating good and being moderately active is encouraged not only so one can lose weight, but also because it improves your mood and quality of life like nothing else. It’s the BEST thing you can do for yourself. 
One of major influences in my life has been my trainer Lisa who has tons of motivation and I love her for that. She says it’s simple To lose weight calories in should be less than calories out ....yes friends, it indeed is that simple.
Not everyone can afford to invest in trainer or gym membership but you dont need one to be active. 
All it takes is “Being ready for the change, Being ready to a new YOU”. You will know a way out and what works for you when you are ready from your heart. After all where there is a will there is a way. Feeling lucky to be born in the age os technology....Google will find the way for you. You just need to ask.

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  1. Nice write up Neelu ! Truly inspirational !